Urban gardening 1

Have you ever wondered why we don’t plant fruit trees on public areas and roadsides? I just cannot stop thinking about it. Instead of having birches and pines and palm trees, why not put apples, pears, plums, peches and avocados. Its like the same price, they would just grow there, and we coud go and take what we want, and eat fresh and local. Instead of going to Sainsburys to get food, to just pop outside, park the Toyota and grab some munchies on the way.

Well, for me, I just love plants. And I really like growing things. But I also hate the mud, dirty fingernails, rain and sleet and the endless duty of cutting grass. That is the most tedious mind bogglingly horrendous torture that I can imagine. Pushing the devils shaver, pppprrrrrrrrrrrrrr, prrrrrrrrr…sweat pouring from your eyeballs, up till your crotch in sliced rabbitfood, green slime smothered between your toes inside your socks. Slimy blades of turf slinging in all 4 directions whilst you try to keep mouth shut to prevent the random snails from nesting in your molars.

Then you need to scoop that smoothie from the cutter bag and put it into another brown bag and that brown bag into a fancy special brown bin that the council empties once or maybe twice a year if you are lucky. And when you open the lid…well I didn’t really because I didn’t take the bag out, but had I done it would have stank like a spinach smoothie that had been left to ferment in the sun for 3 months.

So, this went on for some years and I finally had enough and then we moved out of the nature, and into a flat. Now my smoothies stay in a bullet mixer and taste nice and my trouserlegs are clean and nice. But what about the fruit trees…they still don’t grow them on the roadside?

Well surely you can’t grow fruit in your flat?

Or can you?

It turns out you can. Here are my first 7 apple trees that I planted, and they don’t seem to mind living on the roof. I don’t know how smart they are in terms of apple tree IQ, but they didn’t appear to even notice that their habitat consists of only 60 liters of well selected bags of soil and sand and peat. I don’t think they suffer from being fed fish poop water, as they certainly seem to produce bumper harvests year after year. And they have not had a hizzy fit despite being moved about from time to time. In fact, they mostly just seem to sit there and…well I have not had a deep conversations with them as they are not that talkative, but they just appear totally content.

So with apples it was great success and with some 60 kilos harvests much less apples were brought vacuum packed. But I still had to go to Sainsburys for the other food.

So then I thought, if apples can grow, if they don’t seem to notice..could other food be grown in an urban environment? It sounds far fethched,as we buy food that grows under South Afriacan sun, and we are in the windy South East England, but if the trees don’t seem to mind being in buckets and not freely grazing amidst bunny rabbits and moles and weevils and you name what…would other plants care?

Could I grow a lot more of our own food, indoors, in a flat, all year around?