When you’re 40 something and you have avoided technological wonders like plaque, to start a blog is a little bit of a challenge. Apart from knowing that I needed a site, and a hotel (sounds more like brick and mortar than e-fantacy stored in the belly of some Scotish caves), it was a totally unknown area. Word Press was a fancy word. Why do you need to press words? I like to free my words, not to press them.

So yes, I contacted the boys are the web hotel, and asked a silly question. How to make a blog. And a lovely young man told it was really just so easy, just drag and drop and just enter credit card here, and from then on in 5 minutes the system will set it all up and then you just write your blog and it’ll be all wonderful. He was kind enough to recommend the largest setup straight from the beginning, so that the nominal limit of 10000 monthly visits won’t be an issue. Now, I can’t blame the chap from optimism…or let’s say, he smelt my fear through the webcam and went for the overkill.

My ovaries it took 5 minutes to set the page.

Its been 5 days now. I have a crooked top photo, half of menus and nothing works. I have redone the page 4 times. Once as there was some unknown plug in error (why don’t they just unplug it? Little mr Muscle does the job well in my sink at least). But apparently when something plugs in wrongly on the blog, you need to activate a backup copy. A backup copy? I can tell I was thinking showing something back and up there, and it certainly was not a copy of the original.

But hey, how hard can it be?