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Why does IT not grow

Aquarium adventure 6 So as said, I had learnt that Seachem Replenish was my new friend, and was doing the water changes and adding the chemicals and putting nutrients as told, and no matter what I did the bloody plants… Continue Reading →

Then came the RO

Aquarium adventure 5 October was beginning and most of my plants had turned into mush and I was with tweezers pulling them out pretty much daily. So I took the advice I had been given, and started to investicate different… Continue Reading →

What happens when you add co2

Aquarium adventure 4 Here begins the theory part. Skip to part 5 if you don’t want to know the cruelsome details. I have to admit I am terrified of gas bottles. I dreaded connecting the 500ml gas bottle to the… Continue Reading →


Aquarium adventure 3 Unfortunately our trip was cut short by nonstop rain, so upon early return I saw reasonably clear water. But most panes had now turned brownish, and the floating snowflakes had been replaced by floating sh*t flakes. Its… Continue Reading →

Aquarium learning is a slippery slope

Aquarium adventure 2 So having started the 450 litre bucket, it was about a week into it that the bacteria had done some magic and I bought my first 6 fish. Zooming around in my milky white tank, I was… Continue Reading →

Aquarium, it has been more than a dream

Aquarium adventure 1 After months of thinking and dreaming of having a freshwater aquarium, in June 2020 I finally dared to say it aloud and in fact start to search a suitable tank. As it had been good 30 years… Continue Reading →

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