I am a fourty something year old psychoanalyst living in the South East England. I am a tremendously social person, and enjoy having an active social life. When in March 2020 the teeny weeny barely living One With No Name started to take over the world, in an overnight my social life became a distant memory of the past.

Instead of enjoying grill parties and movie nights, quiz dinners and get togethers, suddenly I was seeing people muzzled with baby blue face nappies, aimlessly wondering like lost poppies in deserted streets. In place of hugs and cheek kisses we now have 2 meters. Instead of greet and nod and smile, we have the sweet indifference of not recognising or getting recognised. I don’t like the One With No Name. In fact I don’t see anything holy or divine hovering above it.

Its been 9 months, and this baby blog is ready to come out. Its been a long and painful wait. At first I was sick to my stomach, I didn’t really understand what was happening around me. I kept on dismissing the idea when I thought of the blog, and then kept myself busy by watching too much Netflix and tidying my sock draw way too often. Then I kind of learned to rejoice the isolation. I tried to convince myself that it was actually ok. A pleasurable isolation, the peace, the calmness. But as months moved on, r-ratings were no longer about who could watch what film, but a totally different kind of conversation. And it started to hit me. It is as if I had committed a crime and now had to serve a lifetime in isolation – imprisoned and excluded from my own social life!

I am not agreeing with that destiny. Thus finally now, this baby blog will see daylight. It has been pressing on my nerves, and when I cough I accidentally may pee myself. Call the doctor, its time to get it out.

Let The Lighter Side of Life be born!